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Back to my times as a graduate student of architecture, I started my experience in web development, at the very beginning of the Internet.

I spent a few years as a fellow student in Apple Computer Spain, where I had my first AppleLink and Compuserve accounts (networks preceding the www). The design of hypertext content (eventually HTML) was done with HyperCard or Director.

Once the global network was a fact, the first web development environments were as coarse as browsers themselves. The popular FireFox was then called Navigator, its main competitor was already Internet Explorer. Adobe soon launched a graphical environment called PageMill. It was a small wonder at that time, but seen through the eyes of 2015, a living hell.

The journey to the present goes through many obsolete standards and slow learning, and certainly we now live a sweet moment, given the evolution, with access speeds and graphic power unimaginable in those old times, a graphic robustness that seemed impossible to achieve, and a complex system of libraries that solve almost any project, as abstract as you want.

We've made all this road by ourselves, hand in hand with our beloved Internet, with all the involved resources, opinions, experiences... with the timely help of a few friends (thanks, Pinky, Eloy, José Luis, Xavi, Josep Maria) and many hours of self-learning, I have been weaving the base that currently allows me to work with the latest technology in web development.


Static or dynamic website development, based on leading frameworks and content management systems.

  • Bootstrap, Drupal, Joomla, Prestashop, Wordpress.
  • SASS / LESS preprocessing for faster redevelopment,
  • GIT / SVN version control for security,
  • Mobile-first responsive theming.

UI / UX - support in design for developers and software companies. Prototyping, concept and mockup. Testing, SEO and positioning.

Traditional design - thorough experience in graphic and book design (corporate image, stationery, year-books, publications, big format).


I have the damn habit of checking everything a hundred times, and that means I'm often uneasy with working with haste. However, in a concentration peak I can be very productive. In short, if you need a push in some way, do not ask me to do it at night.

I like to delegate, but my circle of collaborators is selected very carefully. They don't belong into pixelminds, but they are always available for me. This means any external collaboration you propose will be evaluated thoroughly.


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