User experience and the designer workflow

At pixelminds we care for UI & UX. Improving user experience is our main goal, but it must be achieved through efficient development. We seek to optimize the web development workflow, by testing new tools and methods, and sharing experiences. This site showcases some of our research lines.

Our last works are on CSS frameworks and templating languages, and the attempt to make up a comprehensive starter template or boilerplate. Follow us to have the latest updates.

An evolution of the web design workflow

Looking beyond Bootstrap towards bigger freedom and control
A web design workflow for higher expectations

One good day, we discovered Bootstrap as a panacea for a web design workflow. However, we soon had the feeling that we still needed to invest too much time to adjust the interface to our needs. Or maybe we succeeded in quickly getting a finished product, but it just looked like so many others. It's time to take it one step further and move to the next level.